Advertise on Fundreds

Thanks so much for your interest in finding out more about our advertising opportunities here at Fundreds.

First of all, we would like to mention that for the foreseeable future we have committed to these being the only types of advertising allowed on The reason for this is that we are 100% committed to only displaying advertisements that also contribute to the value that our visitors receive when visiting Fundreds.

We have 2 options at the current time:

  1. Featured Listings
  2. National Sponsorship

Featured Listings

The featured listing is a perfect option for local businesses or franchises that offer a fun activity or attraction and want exposure to new customers. Thousands of people visit Fundreds every day to look for something that will cure their serious case of boredom. Put your business on top of the grid list for the city that you are based in.

It's low risk since it is a flat rate of $75 - $150 per month.

National Sponsorship

We are seeking 1-2 national sponsors that have franchise or corporate locations in most major cities. Please inquire on the contact page and we will schedule a meeting to discuss potential options.